Michigan People


Grand Rapids, MI


Hey! My name is Jacob and I'm a hobbyist dev from right here in Grand Rapids. I have a huge interest in computer science and have been wanting to learn all I can. Joined this group to make new friends and talk to those wth a similiar love of the craft.


Muskegon, MI


Hi all, I'm developing positing tracking for mobile VR. Our hardware brings Daydream, GearVR, et al. to Vive-parity. My names Nick (my company AccuPS) and I'm in the Muskegon area. I'd love to chat VR development - not specifically my work - with anyone interested.

Jonathon Abel

Grand Rapds, MI


Hey all, my name is Jonathan Abel. I'm a Software Engineering student at Ferris GR and have been experimenting with game dev in my VERY limited free time for quite some time now, including seven years' experience with Unreal (tho I occasionally play with other tools like Unity and such). I'm currently working (or trying anyway) on my first more serious project Crash Tanks— a split-screen multiplier tank game where you can ram other players a la Rocket League, albeit damaging yourself in the process. Plans include expanding on this mechanic for some interesting objective modes.

Mars Ashton

Ann Arbor, MI


Hi! I'm Mars Ashton, Director and Tenure-track Professor at Lawrence Technological University in Southfield. I'm also an independent game developer and recently greenlit Axis Descending (http://www.axisdescending.com/). I work on a number of other experimental projects not so focused on profit as well! I live around Royal Oak, teach in midtown two days out of the week at our DCDT campus and I'm always up for a drink so if you're interested let me know! It'd be great to get more folks involved in the stuff we're doing in the SE area.

David Bautista

Ann Arbor, MI


Howdy! I'm David Desiderio Bautista (http://www.davidbautistaart.com/), I am an independent artist working on multiple projects with various different Companies. I currently do concept art for OPifex and Animations and Illustrations for FuzziStudio. I have also done other services such as video editing (for flyovergames) and StoryBoarding for the amateur film scene. I am also a big RTS fan as shown by my active participation with Starcraft tournaments. I also am always looking to meet new people in the game, animation and film industry so I can grow and improve as an artist. If you have any projects you might need my services for, or if you just want to chat or play a few rounds of Overwatch, Hit me up! PS: I am not the wrestler David Bautista

Michael Caughman

Grand Rapids, MI


Howdy. My name is Michael Caughman, I'm a student of Game Design at Ferris State. I transferred into game design only a year ago, so I'm doing my best to learn what I can and practice. I have no real experience aside from my educational products and a few tutorials on Lynda, but what better way to learn than from people who do what I'm wanting to do?

Kevin Gerber

Grand Rapids, MI


Me am Kevin Gerber. Me make code things, music, sound effects, and programmer art. Most work am made in Unity3d, but can UnrealEngine too. Check out http://www.treefort.me/ for some of the stuff i'm doing. Ug. Very odd, so sarcasm, fantastic, wow.

Garrett Hoofman

Grand Rapids, MI


Hello, I'm Garrett Hoofman (http://ghoofman.com/), and I'm the founder of OPifex Entertainment (http://teamopifex.com/). I created the OPengine (http://opengine.io/) and I'm currently working on a game called Set in Stone which is an assymetrical co-op zelda-inspired game for parents to play with their kids (or of a similar skill gap). I also run the GamedevGR MeetUp group, the Discord GamedevMI Channel, and I try to be as involved as I can across the other multitude of game dev related MeetUps around Michigan. I'm always up for talking game development, so hit me up if you want to grab a beer and chat sometime.

Jason Petterson

Detroit, MI


Heyo! I'm Jason Petterson, co-founder of the newly formed Detroit Game Devs group! I am an Android Developer at Detroit Labs and also I do Indie game development under my company: Broken Shotgun (http://brokenshotgun.com/). I mostly use Unity as well, but I am always willing to learn something new and have prototypes built with Game Maker Studio 1.4, LibGDX, and Unreal 4.

Jason Priestly

Flint, MI


Hello all. My name is Jason Priestley. I'm from Flint, MI. I've grown an interest in computer programming and would like to contribute my newfound interest to creating video games. I've literally started just this past month and I'm wanting to soak up as much information and experience as I possibly can. I hope that you all will help me along the way.

Bex Saltsman

Grand Rapids, MI


Hey, I'm Rebekah Saltsman (@Bexsaltsman) and I am the CEO + CoFounder of Finji. We are an indie dev studio + micro-indie publisher and we relocated to Grand Rapids in June 2016 from Austin, Texas. We are currently working on Overland internally (www.overland-game.com) and we just launched Night in the Woods on PC/Mac/Linux/SIEA/SIEE in February (www.nightinthewoods.com). We are both super active in the indie space- we started Juegos Rancheros with friends in Austin, we mentor several dev teams, speak at conferences, etc. We also have 2 kiddos (2 boys, 4 and 6), we are distance runners and we are getting better at having time to do anything other than work. We've been running on all cylinders for like 2 yearss because of NITW, Overland, Moving, Parenthood, etc and we are finally slowing down enough to breathe. Because of our kids we usually need at least 1-2 weeks to schedule anything in the evenings- gotta find a babysitter!

Ethan Thwaites

Grand Rapids, MI


Hey everyone, my name is Eric Thwaites and I am in the final stretch of obtaining a degree in Digital Animation and Game Design from Ferris State University. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone is working on and hope to be a useful resource to the community in some shape or form. Currently I'm working on my capstone project which will be a mobile game designed using Unreal Engine 4.

Steven Zavala

Ann Arbor, MI


Hey everybody. I've been in this discord for a while, but I just now noticed this handy introduction channel. I'm Steven Zavala. My day job is programming at Jackson Dawson Communications. My side job is freelance and independent game design and programming. I mostly use Unity for both so if you need any Unity related advice, let me know! I produce games under the studio title Flyover Games.